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This is a test post from my other blog, My Tots Exactly!

Ice-breaker. That's what people say when they need to break the "ice" usually in an unfamiliar group setting. Now I need a "blog-breaker".

Nothing really comes to mind because I live a very simple life and besides, I'm home 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. How can I possibly write something "exciting"?

So after about 2 hours of tapping on the keyboard, I'm going with why "My Tots Exactly". Two things I want to write about in this blog; first is about my thoughts, anything that comes to mind, and the second and most important, anything to do with my little tot. So thoughts and tot brought about "Tots".

There's a thin line between them really. Since I became pregnant and had my little miss, everything that I do, think, or say has something to do about her. Now I think before I say or do anything because I don't want her to suffer any repercussion. I used to just speak my mind about anything without regard to others' feelings but I can't do that anymore. I live my life now so that she can live her life better. It's not all bad, it's actually great! I get to see things in a new perspective now. The things that were so common to me, I see in a new light... through her eyes, AND for the first time all over again. Her smile brings a smile to my face. Her sadness brings sorrow to my heart. Her confusion is my amazement. So really... thoughts and tots, most often than not, are one and the same.

My little miss will be waking up from her nap in a couple of minutes. Let's see what she does and I guess that will be what's in store for tomorrow.

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